Social Advancement for People’s Liberation Agency


Vulnerable group development (VGD) program is the largest safety net program of Bangladesh Government which has been implemented by the Department of Women Affairs of Government. Government has been distributed 30kg food among each ultra-poor woman families for ensuring their food and nutrition security for each month through the local Govt. for duration of two years a cycle. SAPLA as a partner organization has been working with this program from 2010.

As per partnership agreement, SAPLA has been given on life skilled & skill training to the target people. The training content of life skill are personal hygiene, Mother and child health care, Food and Nutrition, Gender equity & Women empowerment, water & sanitation, Natural disaster Risk management, AIDs/HIV training etc and skill (income generating Activities) training on cow and goat rearing, making vegetable garden, poultry rearing and entrepreneurship Development training. This organization has given training successfully with creditable to 13,788 members within 5cycle about all the above title of training and the target beneficiaries has been able to accumulate Tk.1,90,99,792 up to 30 June,2018. SAPLA has been distributed saving money among the beneficiaries after completion of a project cycle.

Project Title: VGD Program

Project Goal: The ultra-poor woman folks are living with empowered & dignity to increase their family income and Enjoy food and nutrition security with family.


  • To train the target beneficiaries woman under the VGD program as skilled human resource through life skill and skill training.
  • To from a group consist of 25 to 30 VGD card holder woman and to make them organizing capacity and leadership.
  • To arrange on life skill training for them for changing their life style and involve decision processes.
  • To make saving practice under all woman of VGD program which give them opportunity to under taken income generating activities (IGA).
  • To ensure food and nutrition security with family.

VGD Trainees image
VGD Trainees
Microcredit Program

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the rural population of this country are poor and marginal farmers. Their per head income is low. Their earning money has been spentfor collecting food for their family members.As a result, they have not enoughmoney for spendingas requiredas education, treatment, housing and sanitation. So they lead their liveswith miserable condition and become physically weak and sick.

These poor population cannot undertake any income generating project for excess incomedue to financial hardship. They have no access to banks loan due to hard terms &conditions on baking system. SAPLA has been implementing small credit program among the poor, landless, people with disability, and Adibashe (indigenous)people to organizing themin small groups to develop the socio-economicalcondition and eliminating poverty and accumulating saving regularly. The target people have been ensuring their excess income through implementing income generation activities from 1999. SAPLA has been running the credit programswith limited financial resources.

Project Title: Revolving credit Program

Project Goal: The target people will increase their familyincome though undertaking IGA project so that they can insure food& nutrition, health and education for their family.


  • To make practice to accumulation of savings.
  • To make them as professional and skilled.
  • To enterprising, them for mitigating family expending
  • To create employment opportunity and excess income through giving small loan to the group members IGA.
  • To inspire accepting different professional risk.
  • To ensure purchasing capacity by increasing economical solvency.

IGA Project Image
IGA Project

Housing project

Housing is basic right of human being.To ensure the basic right in constitution of Bangladesh, Govt. has decided to give loan in poor target people for making low cost houses. The Govt. has created a fund is famed called housing fund,throughdirect care taking of Bangladesh bank. Theactivities of housing fund has been implementing by the NGO’s. SAPLA is a selected partner of housing fund. By this time, the organization has completed 50 houses through loan and has started process to make another 50 houses.

Project Title: Housing Program

Project Goal: The poor people became owner of a sustainable houses and enjoy social dignity.


  • To ensure housing to the poor through loan
  • To ensure low cost and sustainable house.
  • To ensure making house with long term loan and low interest

Housing Project image
Owner of House
Environment friendly Cooking stove

170 million people live in Bangladesh whose are most vulnerable and high risk in the world.Due to climate change.Acountry which should have 25% forestbut Bangladesh only has 09%. The people of Bangladesh use most of the wood as fuel for cooking by cutting/destroying trees. 60 million ton wood is burned in every year in Bangladesh. According to the report of WHO in 2006. 32thousands children and 14 thousand women are died an Immature death by the cause of smoking in kitchen.

The Person who work in the Kitchen harm to their health and polluting theenvironment by creating carbon-di-oxide and floating Particle matter/ ashes from Chula(Stove). These poor population cannot undertake any income generating project for excess incomedue to financial hardship. They have no access to banks loan due to hard terms &conditions on baking system. SAPLA has been implementing small credit program among the poor, landless, people with disability, and Adibashe (indigenous)people to organizing themin small groups to develop the socio-economicalcondition and eliminating poverty and accumulating saving regularly. The target people have been ensuring their excess income through implementing income generation activities from 1999. SAPLA has been running the credit programswith limited financial resources.

According to the report of WHO publish on 8 May 2008, More often 3,000million people of the world cook using open Chula. Among then 27% in pneumonia, 18% in Stork, 27% in Escomic heart disease, cronik protecting lunch disease (COPD) and 8% lunch cancer are died. under five years children die for the cause of Pneumoniaby the Particle matter of indoor Air pollution.In the above cusses by the own fund of beneficiaries and organization has been able of set up environment friendlyChula in 100 families under a pilot project”Environment friendly rural Cooking stove program”

Project Title: Environment friendly rural Cooking stove program

Project Goal: Reduce firewood for using cook and protect the women and children from health risk.


  • To save firewoods 50%.
  • To protect trees from destroying.
  • To enterprising, them for mitigating family expending
  • To reduce the health risk from the Particle matter of indoor Air pollution.
  • To reduce the carbon-di-oxide gas emission.

environment friendly cooker Image
Environment-friendly rural Cooking Chula

Child Education Program

Education is the basic right of human. There is a correlation relationship between poverty and education. A country with more percentage of education has less poverty. In 1983 when SAPLA established, the rate of poverty was 85% in the working area. On the other hand, the portion of education was only 12%. At present, the education rate is 51%, and the poverty percentage is 23 and under extreme poverty is 7%. According to the reality, SAPLA has been implemented nonformal and formal adult & children education program by the financial support of donor agencies APHD Hongkong, BRAC, Caritas-Bangladesh, Prosika, Dept. of the nonformal education program of government, USCC from 1997.

SAPLA has been conducted a formal primary school "Sonamoni Bidya Niketon" from 2003. According to the Bangladesh Govt. policy, a primary school should be established in each village. Still, there is no primary school surrounding three and a half kilometres of SAPLA's head office. There are no primary schools in seven villages surrounding the organization. The student of Sonamoni Bidya Niketon has participated in primary school certificate examination (PSC) in 2008.100% students has been passing in PSC from 2008 to 2016. On an average 69%, students have got GPA-5 (A+), and the rest of the 21% of students have got GPA-4 to GPA-4.95, and 10% of the students have got GPA-3.50 to GPA-3.95. Among them, 100% of the students have got GPA - 5 in 2013 and 2015. On the other hand, 26% of the student has gained government scholarship among them.

Project Title: Child Education Program

Project Goal:Change needed


  • To ensure the basic education for all.
  • To make them aware of family, society, environment and country
  • To arrange a scholarship for disable, ethnic, orphan, hardcore, low-income family students.
  • To ensure education for the poor girl students.
  • To ensure the co-curriculum activities.
  • To conduct a pre-primary school.
  • To reduce drop-out student from school and casement area through using education equipment and pleasantry school environment cheerfully.
  • To use child competent digital equipment and materials.

Students Participate in annual  Sports image
Students Participate in annual Sports
women right

Man and woman are a beautiful creation of the creator. The contribution of man and woman are equal in their family and society as well as in a country. There is no scope to lower than other contribution, in modern society. Gradually man captures the wealth and power within(through using) religious and social superstitions; as a result, woman has become wealth and right less. In Bangladesh, dowries are common phenomena and social evil. Traditionally, the payment of dowry at the time of marriage often becomes a significant burden especially for low-income households. There are many cases of families becoming poorer after paying dowry for their daughter's marriage. This results in unmarried daughters being perceived as economic liabilities.

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage worldwide and the highest rate of marriage involving girls under 15. 52% of girls are married by their 18th birthday and 18% by the age of 15. So they are treated as a machine of child production. According to the report of Ain O Salish Kendra, More than 818 women and children were subjected torapeacross the country in 2017, Out of 818 rape cases, 206 were gang-rapesand,47werekilledafterrape,11 women committed suicide among them 377 child were rape.

SAPLA has been tried to establish the equal right of women in our family, society and country. SAPLA has been trying to create a social movement for social protection against violence, domestic violence, dowry, early marriage, murder, rape and right. Where there is occurring woman violence, SAPLA has been making Human chain, Rally, Meeting, Symposium, Press conference and giving legal support to the victims or victim families.

Project Title: Protecting violence against women through establish women right in society

Project Goal: The women folks are enjoying human and women right. That means, women are living in gender equity just society.


  • To elevate all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls.
  • To reduce early and forced marriage.
  • To establish women equal rights to economic resources, as well as access to ownership and control over land and other forms of property.
  • To promote of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls at all levels.
  • Women participate in decision-making processes within households, communities and concern all space.
  • To reduce poverty by creating employment opportunity for women.
  • To give legal support to the victim woman.

Community Based Rehabilitation for people with disability(PWDs)

The people with disability (PWDs) of Natore District are a stigmatized, isolated and neglected community in the society. The disable people face problems in every step of their life, i.e. from family to society nowhere they are welcomed as normal human beings. A strong thrash of poverty is their every day's companion. They are a matter of humiliation to the community. Even family members of the PWDs do not think that disables may have rights the same as the people of the society.

They are provided a dirty place for dwelling, leftover food to eat and torn out clothing to wear. Access to education is a mere luxury. They are called by based on the criteria of their disability wiping out their real name. The family members of the disable consider them as an embarrassment and dishonour for the family. Going out is mostly restricted and keep them inside due to fear of social humiliation.

Project Title: Community Based Rehabilitation for people with disability(PWDs)

Project Goal: Community-Based Rehabilitation with the establishment of human rights and dignity through socio-economic development of the People with Disabilities (PWDs).


  • To organize the PWDs into groups and capacitate to manage their organization.
  • To mitigate the basic equipment needs to make easy their day to day activities.
  • To create awareness about the rights of the disables by increasing acceptance in the society and family as well.
  • To create scope for self-employment of the PWDs through small entrepreneurship
  • To rehabilitate the PWDs in the community.
  • To extend legal support and advocacy to the needy PWDs.

PWDs Image
Disable Person with her cows